Monday, December 12, 2011

Too much history

It was History Day at my son's school last week, and I really shouldn't have read Things your History Teacher didn't tell you this year (although it's a great read) as I was especially cynical about the Kindergarten's depiction of the first Thanksgiving, and the third graders singing Yankee Doodle.  My son's class also sang The Grand Old Flag and the Nifty 50 States song.  Sense a theme here?  I'm sure knowing the 50 states in alphabetical order will win him a pub quiz one day but trust me, there will be some serious Kiwi indoctrination going on once we're back in NZ. 
For my last hurrah, it had to be a page celebrating this wondrous event: lots of colour and a slightly haphazard layout.

Last hurrah?  Today I gave into my husband's gentle prompting, and packed up the scrapbooking supplies.  Two big boxes and a small one left over, so I was pretty pleased with that.  Pity the poor men who have to lift them though.  I didn't throw too much out as I went; I'd done a big clean up a few months ago before visitors and donated heaps of the crafty stuff to school. 
I have committed to a scrap relay sometime this month, so have my crop bag packed.  That was the hardest thing: trying to predict what I'd need for a LO I haven't seen yet, but if I started to plan it properly, today wouldn't have happened at all and there would have been more not-so-gentle prompting tomorrow.

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